Simple gallery up and working

I found a different gallery software which allowed me to import all the images (well, most of them) from the old defunct gallery software. None of the descriptions or comments made it in, but I'm hoping to be able to update the existing items once I figure out the software.

Since none of the descriptions or restrictions made it through, as of now, ALL images are for non-commercial use only, as indicated by the Creative Commons license link on each image page. If there are images you'd like to use for a commercial purpose, please contact me using the Contact form in the menu on the left side. Many of the images were created by me, and I can allow commercial use of those images on a case by case basis.

The link to the new gallery is You shouldn't have to register to view and download images.

Please report any problems here as a comment on this post.

UPDATE: I was able to get the descriptions in, for the most part, looks like the old comments are in as well. Unfortunately, no pictures are linked to an author, neither are comments. But, it's looking better.


Working through the issues

Another server update and some things stopped working with several of my sites.

I'm working to get the gallery software working, then I'll have to start manually entering each image from the old gallery into this system so it's more manageable and better supported.